Fees and fines - All amounts are GBP

Entry Fee (Rule 4a) - 0.00
Annual Subscription per team (Rule 4b) - 60.00
Deposit per team (Rule 4c) - 100.00
Purchase of League Handbooks (Rule 4f) - 5.00 per copy
Contribution to League Presentation evening (Rule 4G) - 60.00 per club and 30.00 for each additional team
Appeals and protest fees (Rules 7c, 7f and 7h) -10.00
Player Registration form (Rule 18d) - 2.00 for a set of ten.
Player Transfer form (Rule 18h) - 2.00
Referee Fee (Rule 28e) - 40.00
Referee Fee for two one hour matches (Rule 28e) - 50.00
Assistant Referee Fee (Rule 28e) - 30.00

Failure to be correctly affiliated (Rule 2g) -10.00
Unauthorised entry of teams into competitions (Rule 2k) - 10.00
Failure to obtain consent for change of club name (Rule 3) - 10.00
Failure to pay league fees before or at General Meeting in August (Rule 4b) - 50,00
Failure to pay deposit for membership (Rule 4c) -10.00
Failure to provide Affiliation Number and club details by required date (Rule 4e) - 10.00
Failure to collect award at Presenation Night (Rule 4h) - 50.00
Failure to be represented at a General Meeting (Rule 5f) - Either 10.00, 20.00 or 30.00
Failure to be attend to league business (Rule 6h) - 50.00
Failure to pay a fine within 14 days of its issue (Rule 6h) - 25.00
Failure to be represented at AGM (Rule 8h) - 10.00
Failure to be represented at SGM (Rule 9) - 10.00
Failure to provide timely notice of withdrawal (Rule 11a) - 10.00
Failure to commence/complete fixtures (Rule 11b) - 50.00
Failure to have the required insurance (Rule 16 a/b) - 10.00
Failure to correctly register a player (Rule 18a) - 20.00
Failure to register the required number of players (Rule 18b) - 20.00

Registering or playing for multiple clubs (Rule 18f). 40.00
Innacurate completion of Player Registration form (Rule 18f). 40.00
Registration irregularities (Rule 18g). 40.00
Fielding more than the number of permitted players who have participated in senior competition matches (Rule 18m). 40.00
Playing an ineligible player (Rule 18n). 40.00
Failure to give priority to school activities (Rule 18o) 5.00
Delaying kick-off time due to no change of colours or numbered shirts (Rule 19) 20.00
FailFailure to privide First Aid Kit, Referee's Whistle and Linesmen's Flags (Rule 20j). 10.00
ure to start a fixture at the right time (Rule 20a) 10.00
Failure to provide goal nets, corner flags and two match balls (Rule 20a). 20.00
Failure to play a match on the date fixed (Rule 20b). 40.00
Failure to provide match details with five clear days notice (Rule 20c). 10.00
Playig a match with fewer than eight players (Rule 20d). 10.00
Failure to play a fixture (Rule 20e). 40.00
Failure to identify team captain (Rule 20h). 10.00
Failure to privide players' signatures (Rule 20k). 15.00
Late receipt of result documetation (Rule 21a). 10.00
Failure to notify match result on time (Rule 21b). 10.00
Match result notification not correctly completed (Rule 21c). 10.00
Failure to provide a Club Assistant Referee/Linesman (Rule 23c). 5.00
Failure to pay match officials' fees (Rule 23e). 40.00
Failure to pay match officials when match not played (Rule 23f). 40.00
Failure to provide referee's mark (Rule 23h). 10.00