Things for new clubs to consider

When you plan to start a new club the first thing you need to do is to ensure that you will have enough players available for each match throughout the season - which starts in September and finishes in April or even May. With more people working at weekends, you will need to take into account the shifts that some of your squad will have to work. Bear in mind that some of your squad may be called into work at short notice. Ideally you will have 14/15 players available on the day. Remember, you should have at least 12 players for each match because one of them (who could be a substite as well) will be needed to carry out the duties of an assistant referee/linesman. As with most leagues, you will be given a fixture to play almost every Saturday.

The next thing to consider is the finances. You will need to have a pitch available and pay the referees' fee for all your home league matches. For our cup matches the home club pays for the pitch and the away club the referees' fee. In County Cup matches expenses are shared differently. You should allow for a pitch and referee to cost about GBP130.00 per home match. Though this may be more if you're hiring a pitch from someone other than a local authority. It is usually cheaper to book pitches for the whole the season (and the league requires these dates by the 30 July preceeding the season in question) but it is typical that at least half (sometimes more) of the cost for the season is paid up front. Other large expenses are league and county FA affiliations (allow GBP300.00 to GBP400.00), which also have to be paid up front, and kit. There are numerous websites where you can purchase a playing strip through. You could buy a complete strip (i.e. 14 or 15 complete strips consisting of shirts, socks and socks) or you could just buy the shirts and ask each player to provide (appropriatly coloured) shorts and socks - which may save on laundry expenses. Remember, you will also have to allow for an alternative kit if there is a coulour clash. In this league it is the home team that changes. Don't forget to check whether you or whoever you hire the pitch from provides corner flags and goalnets. You will also have to allow for any fines your team incurs and remember that if you are unable to field a team for an away fixture you will probably be expected to meet the costs of the home team's pitch and the referee's fee if he attnded, as well as being fined by the league. You will probably have to collect GBP10.00 per player per match to meet the costs of running a team for the season.

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